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Under the Hood: What’s New Inside Our Tune-Up

Our most advanced Tune-Up to date; our new process has several innovations and is a more complete and effective solution than ever for your Fostex.

Resonance Control: Materials Science In the Service Of Sound

We searched the world looking for materials and solutions that would improve our process. Where they didn’t exist, we had them made to our specification.

Your Tune-Up Kit contains advanced purpose-made industrial materials that are extremely effective at their specific tasks. We now use less material overall than before yet the mod is more effective than ever. The result is very even-handed yet targeted at the areas that need most attention.

Space Age Super-Materials Strategically Deployed

We apply our damping materials throughout the assembly in critical areas; carefully selected spots hidden away inside the headphone, nicely out of sight. These materials are all peel and stick, no mess, and easy for anyone to apply.

We found a versatile advanced material that we now use exclusively on all the Fostex and Denon factory cups as well as inside our own Custom Wood Chambers. One of the many “space-age” super-materials to come out of the NASA program, it works perfectly in the metal cups of the TH-600, the wood cups of your TH-900, and even the plastic chambers of the Denon D2000.

To treat the crucial driver housing we discovered another new material that is more effective and easier to work with. It also has no metal backing, so there is no risk of reflections. Feather weight and stable with just the right amount of “give”.

Custom Made Acoustic Foam Banishes Reflections & Listening Fatigue

Finally, we commissioned our favorite manufacturer of acoustic foams to make us a special open-cell material to replace the bulky stock polyester batting cube that Fostex uses inside its cups. Our exclusive acoustic foam is manufactured to work subtly and evenly over the entire frequency spectrum, providing the right degree of absorption and reflection control. The result is less fatiguing highs that are present, clean and clear. Treated cups also have a more open and bigger sound.

Professional Installation Or D.I.Y.

We professionally install our Tune-Up on your Fostex when you send them in. No one has handled more of these phones, we are the Fostex experts!

Our Tune-Up is easy to install for almost anyone, you need only a basic familiarity with tools and handwork. Click HERE to see our easy to follow instructions.

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Our Original Upgrade. Improved!

Our most popular and famous upgrade for your Fostex/Denon is now in its third generation. The company that started the whole headphone tuning craze back in ‘07 has completely re-invented our revolutionary process from the ground up.

The Lawton Tune-Up: Our #1 Mod For All Fostex & Denon (E-MU, TOO!)

Overall, you can think of what we do at Lawton Audio as being akin to taking a superb commercial speaker driver array from a mass-market floor-stander, totally re-wiring and re-housing it in a superior cabinet. The net benefits for your headphones are just as dramatic and easily appreciable by any listener. We don’t upgrade these phones because we want to re-shape them to our tastes. We love that magical Fostex sound; that’s why we’re dedicated to unlocking their full potential.

The cornerstone of our process is something we call our Tune-Up procedure, a simple common-sense approach to resonance control. Our technique has been copied and applied to many other headphones by experimenters using our original ideas as a foundation. Clearly it has proven its worth. We love it!

Effective. Inexpensive. “The Only Headphone Mod That Works.”

We have no more potent upgrade than our Tune-Up, and it is one of our most affordable as well. $99 installed on your Fostex, or $45 as a D.I.Y. Kit. One reviewer calls it “the only headphone mod that works”. The Tune-Up gives you the biggest bang-for-your-buck improvement from our entire menu of services. Combine the Tune-Up with a pair of our custom leather Angle Pads and you have our Level 1 Upgrade, our basic mod package for all Fostex headphones ($189 installed, $135 D.I.Y. Kit).

Tune-Up Your Fostex for Maximum Performance!

Our Tune-Up process improves your headphone’s response by eliminating multiple sources of distortion that all originate from a common enemy: vibration.  We recognized that a headphone’s housing functions not unlike a speaker cabinet that resonates in time with the music. Unchecked, this can introduce unpleasant distortions. Our Tune-Up procedure goes right to the heart of the problem.

Tune Out Distortion, Rev Up Your Fostex!

The drivers in your Fostex are extremely potent and powerful examples of dynamic style transducers. Many listeners prefer dynamic headphones precisely because they are capable of creating lots of energy and brute force that helps make the music sound lively and thumpin’. The Fostex can generate a lot of oomph in a hurry and can really flow and explode with musical crests and crescendos.

Due to their lively nature, these drivers transfer large amounts of their energy to the frame and cups where it gets dissipated and muddies up the music. Even worse, it weakens impact by robbing your music of this same energy, wasting it throughout the chassis instead of concentrating it within the thundering drums or heavy bass lines like it should.

Our revolutionary Tuning for Fostex addresses these fundamental issues, removing layers of grunge-y mud caused by these excess vibrations in your headphones. Bass gets harder, faster, cleaner and much more tuneful and articulate as well. The sound becomes more focused, clean, and accurate; now the music flows and pumps with greater ease, distortion free.

Improve Clarity & Resolution Of Fine Detail

The benefits of our Tune-Up don’t stop in the bass department; customers report mids and highs are cleaner, clearer, and better integrated into the whole. Sound overall is more balanced, accurate, and small nuances and details are better conveyed. Listening fatigue is reduced, allowing you to enjoy your music longer and in a more relaxed fashion.

A New Level of Performance & Musicality

As reported over and again by reviewers, D.I.Y.-ers, and happy customers alike, our Tune-Up delivers a stunning enhancement for your Fostex and more pleasure from your music. So now you can rock on, comfortably.

How To Order

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Because each order is unique, and each customer has a special set of requirements, we do not have a shopping cart system or “Buy It Now” option.

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Compatible With Fostex / Denon / Massdrop / E-MU!

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