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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is Lawton Audio located?

A: We are proud to be in the USA, and we happily serve customers from all over the world. When you purchase an upgrade package for your headphone, we will provide our RI, USA ship address.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: Through the Paypal service we accept all major credit cards, transfers from your bank account, and of course Paypal itself. You do not need to be a Paypal member or register with them to make 100% secure credit card payments to Lawton Audio.

Q: Do you sell the base headphones themselves?

A: We do not stock or sell any of the base headphone models. Our customers provide their own headphone, or purchase it at their vendor of choice and have them sent direct to us for upgrades.

Q: Do you run special sales or have special pricing for bundles of mods?

A: It has been our policy to never do special sales or promotions. We want our pricing to be as straightforward and clear for everyone as possible. When you see a price on our site, that is the price of the product; what you see is what you get, with no surprises. Choose your products and services, add up the prices shown, and that is your total for your mod package.

Q: Do you stock pre-modified units ready to ship?

A: No.  Each headphone is a specially commissioned work of art, made 100% from the ground up to the customer’s specification.

Q: What are normal lead-time for headphones and mod packages?

A: Lead times are variable, depending on the specific services ordered by the customer. Please Contact us for current schedule.

Q: Do I need to purchase the full Level 2 Upgrade Package to get the benefits of the mods?

A: Not at all.  Each of our Upgrades is effective on its own, even a simple pair of Angle Pads, our most affordable and popular product, makes a wonderful contribution to your enjoyment from your Fostex.

Q: What about owners of the original line of Fostex-made phones for Denon, AH-D2000/AH-D5000/AH-D7000? Will the new line of Upgrades fit our old phones?

A: Yes! Both Levels of our new mods for Fostex will fit your older Denon headphone models as well. The new line represents our next-gen upgrades for your faithful older model Denon headphone.  


What We Do At Lawton Audio

We start with one of these:

And transform it into one of these:

Or one of these:

Or maybe even one of these:

The possibilities are endless, we’ll make a gorgeous custom headphone just for you.

And they sound even better than they look!

FOSTEX TH-600 (from your favorite retailer) (sold separately)

How To Order

Ordering is easy. Simply submit your request via e-mail through our Order Page, and we will reply promptly.

Because each order is unique, and each customer has a special set of requirements, we do not have a shopping cart system or “Buy It Now” option.

When you finalize your order with us, you will be sent an e-mail invoice enabling payment.

We accept credit/debit cards and Paypal via the electronic invoice you will receive.

For general questions or enquiries, feel free to use our Contact Page.

Send Us Your Phones! We Ship World-Wide

Lawton Audio is based in the good ol’ USA, and we happily serve a world-wide clientele. We’ve made headphones for people from every corner of the globe. We’ll happily answer all your international shipping questions.

2 Upgrade Levels for Your Phones Level 1 Mod Packages Level 2

Our Upgrade Packages: 2 Bundles of Joy for Your Fostex / Denon / E-MU!

While each of our individual upgrades is very effective on its own, we have grouped our services into three handy packages that represent the best strategies for upgrading your headphone.

Level 1

Our basic mod recommended for all phones is called a Level 1. It consists of our exclusive Tune-Up procedure, plus a pair of our custom lambskin leather Angle Pads. Together, they provide the largest degree of improvement for least expense from our entire menu.

Level 2

Level 2 includes all of Level 1 plus adds a pair of our Custom Wood Chambers. Our latest generation Chambers are like high-precision speaker cabinets for your phones.

Options / Pricing / Info

Fostex / Denon / E-MU Upgrade Packages $499 (starting at) Tune-Up Angle PADS Custom Wood Chambers installed! Fostex / Denon / E-MU Upgrade Packages