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Product Reviews & Customer Feedback

We’ve received a lot of great feedback on our Upgrades over the years.  Here are just some of the many comments and feedback we’ve received from our valued customers. If you’d like to see your impressions included, please Contact Us and we’ll put your feedback right here.

“Got them yesterday and installed them today. I must say that you sir are a magician. The stuff you have invented make a ordinary headphone into a thing of magic. Its like I am in another dimension when playing music on it. I had taken a great risk investing $600 on headphone mods but I must say that after buying them I feel like I just own the Maybach or Bentley of headphones. Thanks a lot for changing my acoustic life forever.”

- Udit A., India

“Mark... dude... WOW. They're beautiful and sound just fantastic. I am certainly not missing the recessed mids and vocals many speak of on head-fi with regard to the stock phones. Everything is forward and the bass is amazing. My HD800's are gonna start collecting dust now. Great work. Thanks!”

-Will B., USA

“It took some time but I finally received my Denons back with your mods.  Hats off, I cannot sing your praises enough on the tightening up of the sound with dampenings, and the sheer beauty and depth of the cups!  You'll definitely hear from me again, and I will point anyone who admires the phones in your direction for sure, as a very satisfied customer. Mark, it's been truly been a pleasure (and still is on my head right now :-).  Keep up the good work and hope to hear from you in the future my friend.”

-Amar K., USA

“The chambers had been received. IT'S AMAZING! I like it very much,make TH900 so wonderful than past. Thank you your lot of advice and make it easy for me. I’ll try my best to tell my friends, how wonderful it is. I'll enjoy it very much. One more time  thank you I love you!!”

-Tin K., Japan

“Received and enjoying every minute! The pads are awesome.  The build and quality are second to none and is better than the stock pads.  In my case they seal better due to the angle on the pads.  Comfort is greatly improved and the lambskin is very soft.  Sound wise they sound slightly better than the stock leather pads due to the improved seal.  Love em!

- Kurt S., USA

“Sorry I haven’t been in touch sooner to thank you but I can’t thank you enough for these amazing Cocobolo chambers! They are beyond amazing. Yes, they’re stunning to look at but what they do for my Denons’ is beyond belief. They’re like a brand new set of high-end headphones. The sound, no matter what the source, is breathtaking. The definition and detail is unbelievable! I can really hear every single detail of an audio source. The bass is perfect and the overall sound is clean and crisp. There is a nice lush quality to it and with the great new design the soundstage is wonderfully large. I love it! I am so glad I went with the Cocobolo chambers! I also have to say that the angled ear pads are super comfortable and do wonders to help direct the sound. Thank you again for these works of art and your tremendous customer support I use my Denons every day and thanks to you and your brilliant work I listen in awe and with such great pleasure. Thank you again!”

-Greg K., USA

“Holy Sh*t !!!!!! These sound incredible . Makes me wonder why you don't have your own line of headphones by now. I'll definitely be sending my TH600's real soon. Thank you again. I had no idea this type of mods could ever be done. All the best! Have a great night.”

-Dylan P., USA

“Just letting you know that the ear pads and dampening kits arrived safely, I am very satisfied with their qualities.  I tried installing just the ear pads only on the first day, and they already made huge improvements over the sound stage presentation over the stock D7000.  This morning, I completed installing the dampening kits as per your website instruction, and WOW what an improvement!  All the praises for your mod is true, the bass now has more definition and resolution, and the dampening resulted in more forward and smoother treble and mid-range responses.  The  very hot treble of the stock D7000 are now much more natural, and the recessed mid-rage now has much more presence .  I am really enjoying your mod, perhaps in the future when budget allows, I will complete the transformation by ordering the wood cups.  Thank you for your contribution to the head-fi community!”

-Andrew A., Canada

"I literally listened to the headphones for 2 minutes and will be ebaying my re-cabled K701's and HD650's ASAP. Wow, I listened to some baroque chamber that I know well and its beauty brought a tear to my eye for the first time. Thanks so much!"

-Bill M., USA

"I just wanted to let you know that the headphones have arrived on time and ok. In fact, you repacked them in the box so well and left them with no scratches or anything that I could determine such that after a while I began to panic and was scared you accidentally just sent a pair of unmodified headphones. I eventually had to start to open them up just to verify and breathed quite the sigh of relief when I saw that little plastic ring from your mod. Kudos on such an excellently professional looking job there."

-Josh S., USA

"After extensive testing. I think you just turned my $250 phone to a $1K ++ phone. The Mid is so clear & the bass is so well defined. The workmanship is excellent. Very very impressive job."

-Roy C., USA

"Wow! My first comment is a fantastic improvement in separation… sounds coming from all angles. The bass is also much more under contol allowing the mids and highs to shine. They have over 200 hours on them. I now have the detail and bass I wanted. I could NEVER go back to the stock cans."

-Don S., USA

"I received the Denon headphones yesterday. I am listening to them right now here at work (connected to a TTVJ Millet 307A amp and using an Audio Research Ref CD7). Initial impression is VERY positive. I have heard the stock Denons before (actually used to own a pair) and find your modded pair MUCH better in tonal balance and soundstage depth. My biggest complaint with the stock pair was that the music seemed "artificial" in some way. Not anymore. I have compared them to the JVC DX1000's and they are a much more balanced headphone tonally. I also have a pair of R10's next to me right now and have been comparing them to the MD5000's. Some may say that you were exaggerating when you said that the MD5000's can keep up with, and in some ways surpass, the legendary Sony MDR-R10's. I will not be one of those people. Must say that they really are quite awesome. Thanks again for the great work. I am impressed."

-Kevin T., USA

"The D5000 has now regained first place, a position it lost when I bought the W5000. The W5000 moves to second place, and the HD600 and the DT990 move to the closet. I find now that the W5000 has less bass than I want. The modded D5000 is, for me, outstanding, and is getting almost all my headtime. The bass seems balanced with the midrange, and the treble is slightly less forward (which I like)."

- David J., USA

"First impression is wow, what an improvement. I listened to the modded ones first, and switched to the stock ones and my first impression was "what the heck?! These are way too boomy." In fact, the unmodded ones reminded me of the Bose Triports with better separation and detail of course. The unmoded pair had plenty of bass, but totally out of control. I can't wait to hear these after full burn in. :)"

-Kevin L., USA

"I just peeled the phones off the head, and I must say it was an impressive listen. The entire midband and treble are falling into line quite nicely. Clean,clear and quick with a stat' quality unlike most moving coils I've heard. The bass is a little plummy yet, it has improved since first fire-up (they have been playing non-stop) and I assume that it will improve with time. If not it adds a drama factor I can live with. It's balance is quite good! I can't believe it's the same phone I spent twenty minutes with and boxed for return. I might have a contender for a new favorite phone (and that ain't blowing smoke up the kilt). I can't wait till you grab the D7's and work the magic. I will want a pair of those also!!! "

-Alan C., USA

"They're doing great. They are sharing time with my Edition 9's, but have definitely booted my ALO K701's from the totem pole. Your denon is as a balanced a headphone as I think I have heard. VERY happy with them."

-Bob S., USA

"Even without burn-in, they sound great. I have been running them now for about 5 days, and will keep note of any changes. They do sound remarkably like the R10s as I recall their sound. I will without doubt be selling my Senn. 650/revelations. Thanks again for all that you have contributed to the improvement of these phones!"

- Ron K., USA

"On the strength of a brief audition ,despite my inexperience as a critical listener, I am duly impressed with their fullness and richness and upfront-ness of sound. I am completely satisfied. Thank you for your work and your efficient courtesy in handling our transaction."

-Harvey S., USA

"Got the phones in my hands today, thank you once again for getting these to me so quickly. I am already starting to listen and picking up on new subtleties in my music and the sound stage has definitely increased. I wanted to thank you once again and will be sure to recommend you and your services whenever possible."

- George D., USA

"Received. It's beautiful and sounds glorious. Still burning in, though. Very happy with my decision and have already recommended it to a Head-Fi friend."

-Michael C., USA

"My headphones have now arrived safe and sound to me and although they are brand new I think they already sound terrific! I want to thank a lot you for your work, service and good answers to my many questions. I have already recommended you to friends and I will continue doing so. Maybe I contact you in the future if I decide to upgrade my cable!"

-Lars B., Sweden

"Dear God but these MD7000 are something special. But you already knew that or you wouldn't have poured so much blood, sweat, toil and tears into your modification business."

-Michael M., USA

"Well, at last I have got my hands on my cans and, well, you can maybe imagine how broad my smile is right now. It was with tongue slightly in cheek that I wrote "I currently have AKG 701s, HD650s and ATH-W1000s … I am really after something that combines the strengths of all three (of course!)", well, guess what, that is pretty much how they sound to me at first blush. I am still in a bit of a state of shock over the LA2000s. Listening to hi rez digital masters via a Lynx L22/Grace m902 has given me more outbreaks of goosebumps in the last 48 hours than I have experienced in years. When you said that you would put your cans up against any others past or present I thought it was the (quite understandable) hyperbole of a proud father. I am now starting to take that claim very seriously indeed! Can't wait to hear how they bed down as they burn in. Congratulations on a superb product!"

-Andrew S., Sweden

"I went to post office and picked up. Looks beautiful. I am listening right now, It is amazing how different this is from D2000. So much more detail and great sound. It is a lot more detail but not too much and make me tired. And I like the weight and tightness too. I like the sound so. It is actually amazing and I really like it so far."

-Kazu T., Japan

"I am very impressed. Perhaps one of the most open-sounding closed cans that I've heard, and very mellifluous. Just comparing with K701s, it was no contest on every level.So far, with great recordings, I haven't heard better. The soundstage, as you said, is VERY impressive... true mid-hall perspective, which is really awesome with classical music. Aesthetics-wise, probably the most gorgeous headphones I've seen. Kudos."

-Jonny P., USA

"I got the headphones today and they are incredible! I can't believe the change that came over them. The muddy sound is gone and the mids and highs are much more prominent. Now I understand what you meant by reaching their potential. I can't thank you enough for performing the mods. I will post my impressions and your feedback on Head-Fi. Suffice it to say that I changed my mind about ordering a set of HD800s after listening to these. They are a beautiful looking set of headphones that sound even better. These are now my number one cans! My compliments and thanks to the Lawton Audio team (yourself, your woodworker, and cable person)!"

-Phil H., USA

"Finally I was able to pick them up and I have to say they are for sure the most beautiful HP I own to date - and I own the W5000, DX1000 and ESW10. Really well done work. They are now burning in. Initially there was much more bass presence than I would have wished for but now (after ~150h) I quickly listened in and the Bass seems to be lighter and much better defined. The mid range so far is beautiful so that I hope it doesn't change too much. We'll see..."

-Christian B., Germany

"I got the headphones, and they sound amazing to say the very least. I'm extremely happy with the sound quality, and could not ask for more. The wood cups have an awesome grain pattern that no picture can do justice."

-Miguel S., USA

"The Denon wooden ear caps make a huge difference in the sound quality. They are more comfortable and exceed both the Moon Audio modified AKG 702's and Grado RS-1. At some point, I'll have you do a complete mod of the Denon 7000's."

-George W., USA

“These are the most amazing things I have ever heard. Thank you so much."

-Thom J., Netherlands

"I'm absolutely delighted with them. The finish of the Red Cedar cups are very pleasing to the eye, beautiful in fact. They looked great in the pics but in the flesh they are a sight to behold. Likewise, the Jena cable looks so much better in the flesh, I actually really like its appearance. Top marks to your cable man for a very tidy job, and I just love that Furutech plug. All in all, a beautiful looking pair of phones. Soundwise, they have some way to go, as expected, but having been through most phones that have mattered over the years I know that these are going to be very special. I'm very excited about what I can hear now, the potential of what is to come is very comforting. I really am very excited about what's to come in the next few weeks or so. A mind-blowing prospect! Thanks for all your hard work Mark, it's been a professional, friendly no-nonsense service from Lawton Audio, of which I'm very grateful."

-Darren C., UK

"I received the phones this morning and didn't have to pay much customs duty which was a welcome surprise. I have to say the photos don't quiet capture the true beauty of the wooden cups do they? I've just started the process of breaking them in. Too soon to say much about how they sound of course but my initial impressions, fresh out the box, are favourable. Many thanks for your excellent service."

-Andrew W., UK

"As I type this, I am listening to Jacqueline du Pré and Daniel Barenboim playing the Beethoven Cello Sonata No 1 through a valve NOS DAC, a Rudistor RP7 and your wonderful headphones. The cello sounds like a cello, the piano sounds like a piano, the tonal balance is correct and the emotion of the musical expression is conveyed brilliantly. I am delighted. Furthermore the headphones look as good as they sound. Congratulations on a marvellous product."

-Richard D., UK

“I’ve been enjoying my LA2000 Lites so much over the past week that my D7000s have become more or less obsolete! However, I don't want to

get rid of my D7000s, so I'm thinking of getting the LA treatment for my D7000s too."

-Shane B. USA

"Just got the headphones -- WOW, they look amazing and sound even better, and this is WITHOUT break-in. Thank you VERY VERY much."

-Travis N., USA

"Just thought I would let you know that the phones arrived last week. They truly are quite stunning! Both in appearance and in sound. I was a bit worried about the damping - as I didn't dislike the bass to begin with - but I must say that the bass is now spot on. Thanks for the superb job!"

-Andy C., Canada

“Just have to say that the new pads are freak’n awesome! Really happy with them, some sick headphones got even better! many thanks! =D”

-Tobias L., Sweden

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04/24/15: Check Out The Amazing New Headfonics Reviews Of Our Fostex TH-600!

On Our Fit & Finish and Quality:

“Mark Lawton went ahead and destroyed my reference point on what quality craftsmanship should be…again.“

“He doesn’t produce an unattractive design, pretty much everything is sublime…absolute master crafts and it hurts me deep inside to know that I can only have one set.  Truthfully, I want one for every day of the week.”

“This is Art, let’s not beat around the bush, but not only does it offer a simply breathtaking sense of appeal to the eyes, but it also offers slight customization and entertaining experience to the ears.”

“It is a sight to behold when the sun hits it just right.  That experience makes me feel so happy…and that is what Summit level audio is all about…”

“You’ll be very happy when you take your TH600 to audio meets like I have, only to be told your TH600 is more beautiful than any other headphone in the room.”

On Our Bass:

“When it boils down to it, they offer the most fun, punchy, weighted and deep reaching low end of pretty much any other popular Hifi model out there.  This is a headphone for people who feel their bass experience to always be lacking, who wish to experience an omnipresent bass nearly at all times.”

“The difference between the stock magnesium alloy and Lawton wooden cups is audible.  There is definitely a more focused feel to the entire low end of the spectrum, testing with Techmaster PEB’s Bassgasm…  resulted in more than a marginal improvement with control factor in the new wooden cups.  Lawton’s replacements feel tonally in focus and you can actually feel the difference in the low end looseness when swapping between them and the Fostex stock cups, the latter does feel shakier by a noticeable degree.“

“There is also noticeable solidity differences between using the stock magnesium alloy cups and Mr. Lawton’s woodies: I can easily hear the shakiness dissipate and focus replace it each time I swap the cups, testing with my favorite tracks really confirmed that these Shedua cups really do alter the tone for the better.”

On Our Soundstage:

“You have to respect the TH600, even though it is a semi open headphone in a technical sense, for producing such a crazy large soundstage. In turn, the vocalists and instruments carry a large feel to their physicality: Everything just sounds so huge…”

“The Lawton pads are angled and offer a better sense of depth of field and spaciousness…”

“The TH600 is really one of the most spacious, if not the most spacious closed back/semi closed headphone that I am aware of.  Everything is light, aired out and well separated.”

“The TH600 sounds much larger than Audeze’s XC and has a more well defined shape than its older cousin the Denon D7000, so you really can’t go wrong.  For the most part, it plays well with most genres, is comfortable and extremely fun to listen to.”

On Our Mods:

“I didn’t have to do much A/Bing, the difference was very obvious.”                                                                                                           

“The Lawton Fostex TH600 Review”

11/7/14: Check Out The Amazing New Headfonics Reviews Of Our Maxed-Out Fostex!

How did our latest, fully upgraded Fostex stand up to 11 of the top flagship headphones in the world?

“One of the most quick and lightning strike-like bass responses in a headphone... I think the Fostex TH900 as modded by Lawton, custom woodies and all, ended up being one of the most truly “Hifi” experiences all around. This is headphone art in its most raw and stunning form.“

The link on the left is a very in-depth review of our best headphone. The link on the right takes you to their shoot-out style comparison review of 12 of the premier phones on the planet, including our own maxed-out TH-900.

“The Lawton Fostex TH900 Review”                                                                           “12 Flagship Headphones Compared – The TOTL Guide”