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Custom Wood Chambers Instructions For Fostex / Denon / E-MU Copyright © 2007-2023 Lawton Audio.  All rights reserved.

How To Install Your Lawton Audio Custom Wood Chambers

Skill Level: Moderate, expert-level not required. “Not for the novice or the nervous!” Remember, we install our cups for free when you send your phones in to Lawton Audio.

Time: ~20 minutes.

Tools Needed: Small phillips screwdriver (not provided).

Can be found in kits for repairing eye glasses.

Step 2: Remove The Stock/Factory Cups

The cups attach to the frame via 4 small phillips head screws.  Screws are slightly different for each model, see below. Screws are accessed inside the unit through the larger end of the holes that hold the pads onto the headphone. Save these screws. They tend to get lost in carpets; be careful, you need them and they can’t be replaced!  

AH-D2000 TH-600 TH-900/ D5K/D7K

Step 3: Orientation Of Your Custom Chambers

You will see 3 slots in the upper “lip” of each cup. These correspond to the following:

Two side slots correspond to the swivel points where the headband assembly attaches to the cups assembly.

The third bottom slot corresponds to the point where the cable enters the headphone frame, leaving room for the rubber grommet there.

Logo alignment. There is a distinct Left and Right cup. They are installed correctly when the “Lawton” logo aligns in a horizontal manner, at a 90 degree angle perpendicular to the headband.

Step 4: Attach Your Custom Wood Chambers

Our cups have 4 pre-drilled holes for the screws. These correspond to the 4 screw holes in the headphone frame which are visible through the larger end of the pad slots. Using a strong light to see down through the screw cavities in the headphone frame, gently seat the Chamber onto the frame, using your best aim to line up all the holes.

If there is no line-up, slightly turn/rotate the Chamber gently around its axis until you can see your Chamber’s screw holes appear. Now line them up, centering them perfectly within the middle of the screw holes in the headphone frame.

Now drop the screws in through the cavities, tightening each one loosely at first until they are all seated, then tighten down the remainder of the way until a strong seal is achieved.

Note: We recommend against repeated installation of screws to avoid potential of stripping the holes. Set once and leave in place.

Step 5: Re-Install The Pads

Insert the 4 teeth of the plastic ring into the larger end of the pad slots. With the palm of your hand, press the pad firmly against the frame and then turn in a clockwise direction until they lock into place.

Align the pads correctly so that the thinner end with the seam is in the front (toward your face when wearing them). Rotate the pads on the plastic ring so that the seams line up with the metal dimples/caps where the frame attaches to the cups assembly in the front.  The Pads should rotate fairly easily for you on the plastic rings until the seams are so aligned.

That’s it! Happy listening.

Step 1: Remove The Stock/Factory Pads

The pads attach to the headphone unit via a plastic ring which has 4 teeth that fit into a slot in the headphone frame.

To remove: select a point between two of the teeth, slipping your thumb under the plastic ring, and pinching the top of the pad firmly with your index finger. Gently turn/rotate/twist in a counter-clockwise motion. The teeth will slide along the slot until they all release simultaneously. The pad and the plastic ring will separate together from the headphone.

Step 1: Notes & Tips

NOTE: Pads normally come off very easily using the pinch and twist method. There is a small percentage of these plastic rings that can be a little more stubborn than others. For these cases, use caution and make sure you do NOT overly stress the teeth by pulling up on them too hard.

TIP: For these unusual cases, simply peel the pad itself right off the headphone, separating it rom the plastic ring, leaving the ring attached to the frame for now. This will not harm your pad, it will slide right off the ring. Then using a screwdriver with a flat head, push firmly against one of the teeth in the counter-clockwise direction toward the larger end of the slot; the ring should now free itself.

Fostex TH-600 / TH-610 / TH-900 Denon AH-D5000 / D7000 Creative Labs E-MU Fostex / Massdrop TH-X00 / TR-X00