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Lawton Tune-Up For Fostex / Denon / TH-X00 / E-MU

Unprecedented Beauty. Very Musical Instruments.

The brief for our new line of Custom Wood Chambers for your Fostex was short and to the point: create the best looking and best sounding enclosures ever seen on headphones.

We proudly present our all-new Instrument Grade, Exhibition Grade, and Museum Grade Chambers for Fostex headphones, made from the world’s most elite naturally musical ToneWoods. Advanced design plus cutting-edge equipment meets old-school craftsmanship for an unprecedented level of fit and finish for your Fostex. Part hi-tech speaker cabinet, part musical instrument body, our Chambers are second to none for pure musicality and big, inviting, natural sound.

Introducing Our Next-Gen Custom Wood Chambers

Back in 2007, we introduced our original, highly acclaimed chamber line, called Luthier ToneWoods. Now in 2014, we have raised the bar with the release of our latest and most advanced line of Chambers ever.  

One Great Design, 3 Grades Of Wood

No matter what your budget or goals for your Fostex, we have a gorgeous pair just for you! Our Instrument Grade line starts $339/pair, our Exhibition Grade line is $439/pair, and our ultimate Museum Grade Chambers are $539/pair.

All 3 lines are physically identical and feature our same exclusive design and features. The only difference is in the beautiful ToneWood you select for your pair.

Get The Full Level 2 Package For Your TH-X00 / TH-600 / TH-900 / E-MU

Your Custom Wood Chambers are part of our Level 2 Upgrade Package, which also includes our exclusive Tune-Up procedure for Fostex and a pair of our custom lambskin leather Angle Pads. While your shiny new Custom Wood Chambers make a major contribution on their own, a full Level 2 provides an amazing degree of increased enjoyment from your Fostex.

D.I.Y. Or Send In Your Phones For Professional Installation

Our Chambers and our Level 2 Upgrade Package are available as a D.I.Y. Mod Kit. Only a moderate degree of handiness is required to install a lovely pair of Custom Wood Chambers on your own headphones. Click HERE to see detailed instructions for self-installation. We also offer professional installation when you send your phones in to Lawton Audio.

Take a Look Inside Our NEW Chambers

Our chambers themselves are amazingly complex pieces of precision wood turning as you can see from the inside view. Let’s look at what’s new.

We have added more internal volume to our new Chambers without greatly increasing size or weight. The internal chamber dimensions are carefully tuned to sound great with your Fostex or Denon, enhancing their overall acoustic properties.

We are now employing a new damping compound inside our cups, the latest in materials science, vastly superior to the commercial products used in the past.  No more metal foil backing, so there’s no chance for internal reflections.

We also replace the commercial batting material Fostex uses inside their cups with our own purpose-made acoustic foam. We commissioned our favorite manufacturer of acoustic foams to develop a special material just for our cups. Our material works subtly, absorbing frequencies evenly across the spectrum, for less fatiguing sound that is present, clean and clear.  Cups treated with this foam sound more open and spacious as well.

Immaculate Lacquer Finish. No Dyes or Stains!

We never cheat by staining or dyeing our woods to enhance second-quality material.  Every breathtaking wood you see on Lawton Audio’s website is just how Mother Nature made them, brought to glorious life with a beautiful natural finish.

Our 7-layer lacquer finish is all-new and improved, featuring an ultra-high-gloss mirror-like sheen. These are the same preferred high-end materials used by the best musical instrument makers. Those guys know what sounds and looks good, so we have adapted their special formulas for our own highly musical Chambers. Strong and durable, the new finish will give you years of beauty and protection.

Lawton Audio Headphone Chambers: Cups Matter!

At Lawton Audio, we know that every part of your headphone adds to or impacts its character and performance, even if the manufacturers don’t. When you approach the humble headphone “cup” seriously as a critical component, as we do, you quickly see that it actually has several key functions.

  1. It must act as a kind of speaker cabinet, carefully coupling with the driver to prevent stray resonances from muddying up the sound.
  2. It must also perform as a sort of musical instrument body for your driver; carefully tuned and shaped to ensure a pleasing musical experience.
  3. Finally, in a sense, your headphone cups almost become the “venue” or “hall” in which the musical event you are listening to takes place. It has to sound big and realistic, wide-open and coherent to be convincing.

As you can see, yes indeed, Cups Matter. No one has more innovative, better sounding or looking woodies than Lawton Audio.

Hi-Tech, Hand-Crafted Speaker Cabinets for Your Fostex

We knew we could better tune the chambers for acoustic qualities, so we set about completely re-imagining our cups to best mate with the new Fostex units. With our improved manufacturing capability, we are now able to produce an even more complexly designed and optimized pair of Custom Chambers than ever before. The fit is tight, solid and precise, locking into place with the Fostex driver unit. Construction is sturdy but light-weight with a carefully developed internal shape.

You can think of what we do at Lawton Audio as being roughly analogous to taking a superb commercial loudspeaker driver array, totally re-wiring it and then housing it in a superior cabinet. We do not alter the driver or its amazing response in any way; it still sounds like your Fostex, but with all the audible benefits of a superior enclosure.

Our Chambers (especially in combination with our Tune-Up) truly enable the amazing Fostex drivers to perform at their absolute peak potential, improving focus, enhancing speed, clarity, snap, and precision.

Bigger, Better Images On A Larger Soundstage

Customers frequently find our cups make their Fostex sound more spacious, with a larger soundstage, for a more “out of head” listening experience.  Add a pair of our exclusive Angle Pads and really see the music happening on a scale that may just surprise you from a set of headphones!

Chamber Music. Chamber Magic!

Simply put, our Chambers make beautiful music with your Fostex. Chamber Music, you might say. Amazing as they look, our #1 priority has always been the sweet sound they help your Fostex make. We know wood and we have a pair for you; we’re always happy to help you select the right pair for your Fostex.

The Alchemy of Wood. The Magic of Mother Nature’s ToneWoods

Your ability to select the ideal wood for your Custom Chambers lets you enjoy an entirely new kind of enhancement for your personal listening pleasure. Different woods imbue their own subtle nuances to the overall musical presentation or “feel” of your headphones; just as different woods do when used to make the same musical instrument. Luthiers, or musical instrument makers, have long identified those wood species that produce the most desirable timbres. These are known as “ToneWoods”.

All of our Lawton Audio Chambers are made from these illustrious ToneWoods, selected from the highest grades available, heavily seasoned and stable for years, a process that adds to the consistency of tone and overall performance. In short, we consider your cups the same way a luthier approaches making the body of a fine musical instrument.

Attention: Musicians!

Now you can listen to the same wood you like to play. Our Custom Wood Chambers are a highly musical addition for these phones. You know which wood produces the sound you like; now you can select your favorite flavor for your Fostex. The accuracy of your Fostex with the tone of your favorite guitar. Sound good?

Timber Timbres. What’s Your Flavor? The ToneWheel Knows.

You don’t have to know anything about wood or understand technical audiophile jargon to quickly and easily determine which pair of cups is right for you. Click HERE to see how our innovative new ToneWheel Wood Selector makes it fun and easy.

Fostex Headphones Gallery 1 Custom Wood Chambers For Fostex / Denon / TH-X00 / E-MU Copyright © 2007-2018 Lawton Audio.  All rights reserved. Custom Wood Chambers Gallery 1

Choosing Your Wood: Introducing the Lawton Audio ToneWheel

To help you make the best possible selection for your Custom Chambers, we’ve created our cool new ToneWheel. Each wood species brings its own special tonal character to your phones.  With so many woods, we are guaranteed to have something that meets both your aesthetic and sonic desires. So how will you ever decide?

Easy! Just use our ToneWheel to quickly determine what kind of listener you are, and then choose from among those woods best suited for you. Click HERE to visit our ToneWheel.

How To Order

Ordering is easy. Simply submit your request via e-mail through our Order Page, and we will reply promptly.

Because each order is unique, and each customer has a special set of requirements, we do not have a shopping cart system or “Buy It Now” option.

When you finalize your order with us, you will be sent an e-mail invoice enabling payment.

We accept credit/debit cards and Paypal via the electronic invoice you will receive.

For general questions or enquiries, feel free to use our Contact Page.

Send Us Your Phones! We Ship World-Wide

Lawton Audio is based in the good ol’ USA, and we happily serve a world-wide clientele. We’ve made headphones for people from every corner of the globe. We’ll happily answer all your international shipping questions.

Our Cups Fit Fostex / Denon / Massdrop / E-MU!

Our Chambers fit a variety of different headphones. Here is a complete list of makes and models that are ready for a pair of Lawton woodies:

Instrument, Exhibition, & Museum Grade Chambers For Fostex & Denon

With our latest generation Custom Chambers, we offer 3 Grades of gorgeous wood. All of our Chambers share the same design and features, the only difference is in the lovely wood you select for your pair. We provide the widest selection of supreme quality natural ToneWoods ever seen on headphones, just take a look.

Our Instrument Grade Chambers feature quality woods from billets that were specially selected for use in the making of fine musical instruments, drawn from the absolute cream of the commercially available supply.

Our Exhibition Grade Chambers are made from specially obtained private reserve stock, featuring premium figure, grain and color. The industry labels such wood “exhibition grade” for its rarity, beauty, and desirability.

Our top Museum Grade Chambers feature true heirloom woods from amazing one-of-a-kind boards. These Chambers truly epitomize and demonstrate the best qualities of that wood, with textbook grain patterns and coloration.

Custom Wood Chambers for Fostex / Denon / TH-X00 / E-MU Custom Wood Chambers for Fostex / Denon / TH-X00 / E-MU Custom Wood Chambers for Fostex / Denon / TH-X00 / E-MU Fostex / Denon / E-MU Upgrade Packages