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Welcome to Lawton Audio. Originators of Authentic Headphone Upgrades Since 2007.

Thanks for visiting Lawton Audio; chances are you heard about us directly from one of our many happy customers, or from a review of one of our Authentic Headphone Upgrades. We are very proud of the excellent reputation we’ve earned over the years for quality service, innovative products with unmatched fit and finish, and for providing as one reviewer put it, “the only headphone mods that work”. Often imitated, never bettered, we are Originators of Authentic Upgrades since 2007.

Yes, it’s true, we’re obsessed with headphones, and with making them better. At Lawton Audio, we know that every component of your headphone adds to or impacts its character and performance, even if the manufacturers don’t. We specialize in making great phones better by improving the parts most companies overlook.

No one has a more complete, innovative, or just plain effective set of headphone upgrades than Lawton Audio. We know you will enjoy.

Custom Headphones for You. A New Level of Musicality & Beauty for Your Headphones.

We can make you the quality headphone of your dreams, exactly to your spec, with a look and flavor all your own. These are the headphones you will keep, for a lifetime of musical satisfaction, time after time. Let us build you the most beautiful phones you’ll ever love.

Owner/Proprietor Lawton Audio

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Lawton Audio: Headphones Perfected

You can think of what we do at Lawton Audio as being akin to taking a superb loudspeaker driver array from a mass-produced floor-stander, then totally re-wiring and re-housing it in a superior custom built cabinet. The net benefits for your headphones are just as dramatic and easily appreciable by any listener. We don’t upgrade these phones because we want to re-shape them to our tastes. We simply enable that superb transducer to perform at its best, without the considerations or constraints of a mass-market manufacturer.

We know these phones like no one else. We’ve been upgrading Fostex-made phones since 2007 with a series of innovative and acclaimed mods developed specifically for them.

Why Upgrade Fostex Headphones?

To make a great pair of custom headphones, you need to start with a great base unit, and for many people, nothing offers a more satisfying musical package than the Fostex-made units, TH-X00, TH-600, TH-610 & TH-900 (& the Fostex-made Creative Labs E-MU!). These phones achieve the rare feat of managing to sound totally musical, engaging and lively while remaining accurate and natural-sounding. They are very popular with musicians, especially those that like to record themselves; producers and artists appreciate a highly musical transducer that still sounds real and true to the source. Last but not least, the Fostex has a thumpin’ dynamic-style driver that really hits the spot with fans of Rock/Pop/Electronic or any rhythm-based music. Micro-detail plus big dynamics; these are the audiophile grade phones that didn’t forget to bring the fun!

Attention: FOSTEX Fans, We Specialize in Upgrades for Bio-Cellulose Beauties

Never visited Lawton Audio? We know these phones like no one else. We’ve been upgrading Fostex-made bio-cellulose phones since 2007, with a series of innovative and acclaimed mods developed specifically for them. Like you, we love these phones; heck, we built our company around them!  No one has handled more of these phones than us.

Denon Fans: Meet Your New Favorite Headphone

If you were a past customer who loved the Denon sound and what our Authentic Upgrades brought to them, the new Fostex are for you! The TH-X00, TH-600 & TH-900 are the best platforms yet for our 3 Levels of Upgrades. Plus our Upgrades are all-new and developed specifically for these majestic phones.

As we headphone fans have known for a long time, Fostex was the actual manufacturer for the classic Denon line of bio-cellulose cans. We upgraded them for many years, they are now sadly discontinued. Now the original manufacturer has more than met that challenge with the terrific TH-X00, TH-600 & TH-900. You can see the new Fostex phones bear a striking resemblance to the old Denons, and that carries over to their familiar sound as well. The Fostex units have everything you loved and more, they are the next-generation version of your favorite phones.

Our New Upgrades Fit Your Classic Denon, Too!

Don’t despair classic Denon fans, all of our next-generation mods for Fostex also fit your trusty AH-D5000 or AH-D7000 as well. Yes indeed, our latest Upgrades make your old Denon sound better than ever; so shop our site, the pricing and installation you see is the same for your phones.

Attention: Musicians!

Now you can listen to the same wood you like to play. Our Custom Wood Chambers are a highly musical addition for these phones; made from your choice of over 25 of the world’s best natural ToneWoods. You know which wood produces the sound you like; now you can select your favorite flavor for your Fostex. Sound good?

Professional Installation Or Do-It-Yourself

Many of our Upgrades can be self-installed, saving on labor and shipping costs. With only minimal tools and a moderate level of experience, you too can . We have easy to install Kits for the DIY-er, and a professional installation service. We happliy serve customers from all over the world.

What We Do At Lawton Audio

We start with one of these:

And transform it into one of these:

Or one of these:

Or maybe even one of these:

The possibilities are endless, we’ll make a gorgeous custom headphone just for you.

And they sound even better than they look!

FOSTEX TH-600 (from your favorite retailer) (sold separately)

How To Order

Ordering is easy. Simply submit your request via e-mail through our Order Page, and we will reply promptly.

Because each order is unique, and each customer has a special set of requirements, we do not have a shopping cart system or “Buy It Now” option.

When you finalize your order with us, you will be sent an e-mail invoice enabling payment.

We accept credit/debit cards and Paypal via the electronic invoice you will receive.

For general questions or enquiries, feel free to use our Contact Page.

Send Us Your Phones! We Ship World-Wide

Lawton Audio is based in the good ol’ USA, and we happily serve a world-wide clientele. We’ve made headphones for people from every corner of the globe. We’ll happily answer all your international shipping questions.

2 Upgrade Levels for Your Phones Level 1 Mod Packages Level 2

Our Upgrade Packages: 2 Bundles of Joy for Your Fostex / Denon / E-MU!

While each of our individual upgrades is very effective on its own, we have grouped our services into three handy packages that represent the best strategies for upgrading your headphone.

Level 1

Our basic mod recommended for all phones is called a Level 1. It consists of our exclusive Tune-Up procedure, plus a pair of our custom lambskin leather Angle Pads. Together, they provide the largest degree of improvement for least expense from our entire menu.

Level 2

Level 2 includes all of Level 1 plus adds a pair of our Custom Wood Chambers. Our latest generation Chambers are like high-precision speaker cabinets for your phones.

Options / Pricing / Info

Fostex / Denon / E-MU Upgrade Packages $499 (starting at) Tune-Up Angle PADS Custom Wood Chambers installed! Fostex / Denon / E-MU Upgrade Packages