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Black Scorpion Black Hornet Audeze & More! Copyright © 2007-2018 Lawton Audio.  All rights reserved. The TH-X00 Is here! New $399 Wonder phone From Fostex / Massdrop. Chambers The Creative Labs E-MU Is here! Made by Fostex, sounds like the classic Denons! Chambers Zebrawood Our upgraded E-MU shown in gorgeous Over 30+ woods to choose from! Custom Wood Custom Wood AH-D7000 Welcome to Lawton Audio Headphone Upgrades! Custom Wood Chambers The Ultimate Extension & for FOSTEX / Denon / Massdrop / E-MU In Stock NOW! Specials! Supplies SALE! Parts Black Scorpion The Ultimate Headphone Cable AH-D5000 News News Fostex / Denon / E-MU Upgrade Packages Fostex / Denon / E-MU Upgrade Packages D.I.Y. Mod Kits for Fostex / Denon / TH-X00 / E-MU Lawton Tune-Up For Fostex / Denon / TH-X00 / E-MU Angle Pads for Fostex / Denon / TH-X00 / E-MU Custom Wood Chambers for Fostex / Denon / TH-X00 / E-MU Fostex Headphones Gallery 1 Custom Wood Chambers Gallery 1 ToneWheel Wood Selector Black Hornet Headphone Cable Hard-Wired Cable Pricing For All Headphones Black Scorpion Headphone Cable --NEW-- Chambers In Stock Now! --NEW-- Sale Items