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Lawton Audio Custom Wood Chambers for Fostex TH-900

Developed and perfected over the last 6 years for the Denon line, our exclusive custom made Luthier Tonewood chambers drop right in to your TH-900, providing the same acoustic benefits and enhanced design for superior performance of your Fostex.  Not just about beauty and personalization, our proven chamber design provides better coupling to the chassis, superior resonance control, enhanced chamber shape and depth for a larger soundstage presentation. Our chambers enable these wonderful drivers to deliver their best performance on all music styles. Combine all that with the ability to tailor the wood you select to subtly match your own personal sonic priorities and you have a true world-class headphone made just for you. Supremely satisfying!

New Exhibition Grade Custom Wood Chambers for Fostex TH-900!

A headphone in the class of the TH-900 deserves a truly special pair of cups. In Q1 ‘13, Lawton Audio will introduce a brand new line of custom wood chambers for the TH-900 called our Exhibition Grade series. These natural works of art will be cut from the absolute finest aged wood specimens, for true one-of-a-kind, precision-made, matched sets, with a unique look to call your own. These will be in an even higher class of beauty and style for Lawton Audio.

Yes, there will be spectacular new woods added for the Exhibition Grade chambers, but you can also expect to see the most figured, dramatic, highly colored, lustrous, aged, AAAA-grade specimens available in the tried and true woods from our popular Tonewoods line.  Of course we will continue to offer our outstanding and popular Luthier Tonewoods series for future Fostex models; if you think our Tonewoods are gorgeous, just wait ‘til you see the first fruits of our Exhibition Grade line!

In the mean time, to help fire your imagination, we leave you with a tantalizing look below at a sexy TH-900 outfitted with pairs of our current Luthier Tonewoods line of chambers.  

2013 promises to be e a big year for Lawton Audio; we salute and thank all our Denon customers for the last 6 years of fun, music and friendship. We also invite you to join us on a brand new adventure; come on over to the new Fostex line! We promise, the water’s more than just fine! We will continue to bring the same level of commitment, enthusiasm, innovation, and style to the new Fostex headphones you have come to expect from your friends at Lawton Audio.


(Owner/Proprietor, Lawton Audio)

Lawton Audio Upgrades for Fostex TH-900 NEW! NEW! AUDIO

The Fostex TH-900: A New Flagship Platform For a New Era!

As many headphone fans know, the classic Denon AH Series of headphones (AH-D2000/AH-D5000/AH-D7000) that we use as platforms for our innovative series of upgrades have been discontinued by the manufacturer (don’t fret-- we have plenty of Denons in stock for your Level 3 dream phone, please Contact Us while supplies last).

But true insiders have also always known that these beloved headphones were actually designed and built by a company called Fostex, Japan, and marketed to the world under the Denon brand.

In 2012, Fostex has introduced a new headphone to the market under its own banner called the TH-900 that just might look a little familiar to fans of the classic Denons!

What Fostex has given us with the TH-900 flagship is a true successor to and upgrade from the former top model in the Denon line, the AH-D7000.  Fear not-- in every way, you can still hear the echoes of and resemblance to the previous models for Denon. Everything you loved about those classics is retained; the TH-900 is simply more evolved, enhanced, and further improved, providing Lawton Audio with the best platform yet for our series of mods and upgrades.

That’s right, because of their physical similarities, all of the exclusive mods we have intensively developed over the last 6 years for the Denon line are simple drop in replacements on your new Fostex TH-900.  That means all you DIY types can order upgrade kits and enhance your Fostex today! Or, you can send them in to us for a complete Level 3 upgrade transformation into an LA-900.

Lawton Audio is thrilled to add the Fostex TH-900 platform to our line of world-class headphones, and proudly introduces a brand new benchmark in musicality we call the LA-900.  If you are looking for the ultimate headphone that will give you a lifetime of musical enjoyment, the LA-900 is it!

Have a TH-900?  Contact Us for upgrade options!

AUDIO AUDIO The Ultimate Cable For Your Fostex TH-900 Headphones COPPER Luthier for TH-900! AUDIO Introducing the LA-900: Our New Flagship  headphone!

Fostex TH-900 vs. Denon AH-D7000: Under the Hood

It is not your imagination; physically, the two units are nearly identical in construction, largely featuring the very same parts. But there are some key differences. The value proposition for the upgrade from the AH-D7000 to the new Fostex TH-900 is similar to what Denon offered when you went up from the D5000 model to their D7000 model:

Everything else of consequence carries over from the D7000, including the wire inside the cable. The previous jump from the D5000 to D7000 represented a doubling in price for the buyer in exchange for the same basic set of factory enhancements: new driver, bigger magnet, and prettier cups. As you can see, Fostex’ new TH-900 model provides a familiar set of enticements over the D7000 model for a similar price differential.

The TH-900 sets a new standard as a platform for our enhancements; we’re really excited and inspired by this amazing new headphone and the way it really sings with our upgrades. If you loved the classic Denon line, the new Fostex delivers, extending their legacy and taking the design forward several steps.  The D7000 is still a formidable headphone and a killer platform for our mods.  The TH-900 is just that much better and a tremendous successor that really brings the music!

Lawton Audio Angle Pads for Fostex TH-900

Our custom-made lambskin leather Angle Pads are ready for your TH-900. Highly acclaimed and simple to install, our Angle Pads provide all the same advantages for your Fostex that they bring to your Denon. Providing better comfort, fit, and sound from your headphones, Lawton Audio is setting the standard for innovative pad design and construction featuring our special angled/tapered form.  Find out for yourself what a difference a pair of pads makes!  Learn more HERE. Order your Angle Pads today HERE.

Stock TH-900 Pad Angle Angle Stock TH-900 Pad Angle Stock TH-900 Pad Stock TH-900 Cup Luthier ToneWoods Stock TH-900 Cup Stock Denon Cup ToneWoods Level 3 for TH-900! AUDIO AUDIO AUDIO Order here! Angle Stock TH-900 Pad AUDIO $99 /pair Contact Us AUDIO AUDIO AUDIO AUDIO AUDIO AUDIO AUDIO AUDIO AUDIO AUDIO AUDIO AUDIO Imagine the possibilities...
New Woods, New Flavors
for Fostex TH-900!

Send Us Your Fostex For A Tune-Up!  Choose Your Mod Package.

That’s right, our original, most famous, effective, affordable and popular Mod is now available for your Fostex!

Our Original Lawton Tuning, developed and perfected over many years for the classic Denon line-up, is just as effective and essential for your Fostex. In fact, TH-900 owners can achieve the same fundamental improvements in performance from your Fostex that you have come to expect from our Denon service. Just follow our carefully organized and bundled Mod Levels (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3) to maximize the potential of your TH-900 in line with your budget or ambition.

Just as with the Denon line, we recommend every Fostex owner begin with our Level 1 Mod which includes our Original Lawton Tuning procedure plus a pair of our Angle Pads.  For very little money, this is your best “bang for your buck” Mod, and can be installed by us or the customer.  From there you can upgrade to Level 2 which adds a pair of our gorgeous and effective Custom Wood Chambers for Fostex.  Finally, Level 3 gives you all that and adds your choice of Copper Queen or Copper One headphone cable for the ultimate connection to your music! Learn more about our Mod Levels HERE. Learn more about our Tuning HERE.

AUDIO the Original Lawton Tuning AUDIO Level 3 Tuning + Angle Pads Tuning + Angle Pads + Custom Wood Chambers + Cable

Our Copper Queen: The Ultimate Cable For Your Fostex TH-900

As we have noted earlier, the wire inside the TH-900’s cable is the same as was used on the Denon AH-D7000. The D7000/TH-900 stock wire is OK for a stock wire, but these phones will be used in demanding systems that deserve a real cable like our Copper Queen. The Queen has long been acknowledged as the ultimate partner to feed the Denons, and there is no replacement cable more synergistic or better matched for your new Fostex.

For more information, options and pricing on your Copper Queen, click HERE. To order, click HERE.

The Ultimate Cable For Your Fostex TH-900 Headphones COPPER Order here! AUDIO AUDIO Copper Queen Headphone Cable Contact Us
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