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The Original Lawton Tuning for DENON Headphones

Formerly known as the “markl Mod”, our Original Lawton Tuning greatly enhances the basic performance of all the Denon stock units. It is the essential foundation mod that really unlocks the hidden potential of this wonderful line of headphones. This affordable modification also represents our highest value mod in terms of degree of improvement per dollar spent. This enhancement consists of two parts: strategic placement of highly specialized damping materials, plus the addition of our proprietary custom made ear pads, called Angle Pads.

A New Level of Performance & Musicality

As reported over and again by reviewers, DIY-ers, and happy customers alike who have experienced one of our modified Denons for themselves, our tuning delivers a stunning transformation of a merely fine phone into a truly great one. The outcome of this painstakingly executed 3-hour+ process is a wonderfully robust and musical headphone, with an incredibly balanced and natural tonality, that sounds as life-like as many of the finest speakers. Highs are sweet and extended, the midrange full and clear, no longer shrouded in a cloud of bass. The pure resolution and fine detail unearthed by these headphones will stand up to the best cans out there, even the electrostatics. The once diminutive soundstage opens up and expands outward. The gap in the middle of the image is closed, and you can now “see” the musicians in front of you, presented as an unbroken line from left to right, and layered front to back with surprising depth.

Originally developed specifically for the AH-D5000, the basic “markl Mod” has since evolved into different variations depending on which base headphone is being modified. The end result, no matter which phone you choose, is a perfectly tuned and balanced presentation from top to bottom.

Tune Out Unwanted Resonances

Headphone enthusiasts worldwide know the Denon headphones produce bass like virtually no other headphone past or present. In addition to their many other wonderful characteristics, there is no denying these Denons are in possession of a pair of the most powerful and dynamic drivers ever unleashed in a headphone. Unfortunately, the sometimes overwhelming low end tends to release a large amount of stray resonances into the rest of the headphone assembly, distorting the sound of the music. This can cause these phones to sound “muddy”, with overly loose and flabby bass that can distort during especially intense passages. Midrange is sub-optimal and appears somewhat recessed due to the unbalanced bass power that can overwhelm it.

We have found a way to contain and control these stray resonances via our exclusive tuning process, intensifying the bass energy and focusing it into a tighter, harder-hitting whole that no longer threatens to overwhelm the lower mid-range.  As a result, our modified Denons are considerably more coherent and focused than stock throughout the entire range.

Harder, Firmer & More Musical Bass

For all you rock ‘n rollers out there (of which we at Lawton Audio are too), you need not fear that any of the marvelous grunt and slam of these remarkable phones has been sacrificed. Our mods will not roll off bass response, but tighten it up, improve its tunefulness and bring it into better proportion with the rest of the frequency spectrum. All that is eliminated are the extraneous vibrations created throughout the headphone assembly, not any real low-bass musical information. Our Level 1 Tuning really focuses and tightens up the amazing bass energy of these cans. So, yes, they will still astound you with the depths they will plumb when required, and have you wildly playing air drums along with John Bonham (just without the chance of bass headaches and muddled midrange, thank you very much).  

Strategically Placed Damping for Resonance Control & More

Lawton Audio uses purpose-made damping materials that transform vibrational energy into heat and harmlessly dissipates it away. Through extensive trial-and error, going through dozens of stock Denons, carefully listening to the results and performing A/B tests, we have arrived at the optimum solution for each phone in the line.  In an intensive 3-hour+ procedure, we strategically place this damping material throughout the headphone assembly in those critical areas. The compound is placed inside the cups, at points on the rear of the driver, and in carefully selected spots hidden away inside the headphone assembly itself, all nicely out of sight. No one would ever know the phones have been modified, they look like a clean brand new pair of Denons (except for the extra cushioning in the ear pads from our killer new Angle Pads).

Fully Tuned & Fully Musical

The incredible technical specs of the Denon phones only tell part of the story. The full extent of their inherent extraordinary capabilities cannot be experienced until they are correctly tuned with our procedure. Our Original Lawton Tuning takes an amazing technical accomplishment from the wizards at Denon, Japan, and turns it into pure music. For you.   

Original Lawton Tuning
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Lawton Audio M Series Headphones: Value & Performance

Our M Series phones are “entry level” only in terms of price and value; their enhanced performance competes with the world’s best.  The M Series represent our highest-value offerings, arguably the best “bang-for-your-buck” products from Lawton Audio.  

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Pricing: Original Lawton Tuning For Your Denon

Send us your stock Denon and we’ll tune it for you.  This is our special a la carte pricing for the Original Lawton Tuning only.  We recommend a pair of Angle Pads to complete and round out your Level 1 Mod, but we are happy to perform the tuning only per your request.


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