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Welcome to the New & Improved Lawton Audio for 2012!

In celebration of our fifth successful year, we launch our new and greatly improved website. We hope you enjoy! We also introduce lots of exciting new products and services (with even more to come). We hope our new domain makes for a simpler and more delightful ordering experience, so please pull up a chair, put on some music, and feel free to explore our new world.

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New Mod Packages for Denon!

Mod Packages Level 3 for DENON Headphones Mod Packages for Denon

A la Carte Menu of Products & Services

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New Custom Wood Driver Chambers for Denon Headphones!

Luthier new finish! ToneWoods

New Lawton Audio Angle Pads for Denon!

AUDIO Angle Pads for Denon

D.I.Y Mod Kits for Denon Headphones!

for DENON Headphones D.I.Y. Mod Kits for Denon

Custom Artisan Audio Cables-- Built for You!

& More! Artisan Audio Cables Custom Audio Cables

New Copper One & Copper Queen Headphone Cables!

Headphone Cables

We Re-Cable All Major Hi-End Headphones

Our Cables. Your Phones.

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3/14/12: Angle Pads for Denon-- NOW SHIPPING!

AUDIO Angle Pads for Denon Now shipping!

3/24/12: Our Latest Custom Wood Chambers

the Gallery Custom Wood Chambers Gallery 1 Custom Wood Chambers Gallery 1

4/19/12: Angle Pads Install Instructions Now Up!

AUDIO Mod Guide Up Now! Angle Pad Install Guide

5/02/12: Angle Pads Install Instructions Now Up!

Luthier Mod Guide Up Now! Custom Wood Chamber Install Guide

5/21/12: Angle Pads Page Updated

AUDIO Angle Pads for Denon Now shipping Version 1.2!

9/18/12: 10% off any Level 3 package for your Denon!

Level 3 Special Page Level 3 Upgrade Special

5/30/12: Tuning Kit Install Instructions Now Up!

Mod Guide Up Now! Queen COPPER COPPER ONE Original Lawton Tuning Guide Copper ONE Headphone Cable Copper Queen Headphone Cable Level 3 Special Page We have new Denons for your Level 3!

9/18/12: New Pics! Our Latest Headphone & Custom Wood Chambers Galleries

NEW! NEW! Custom Wood Chambers Gallery 1 Headphone Gallery 1

10/24/12: Introducing the LA-900: Mods For Your Fostex TH-900!

Lawton Audio is proud to announce our renowned series of Mods are now available for the new Fostex TH-900!  We welcome this amazing new platform from Fostex that allows us to present to you our latest top headphone model, the LA-900, featuring everything we do at Lawton Audio to take these truly fine phones to new heights of performance and musicality. A new era begins HERE!

The LA-900: New Flagship for a New Era! Level 3 Special Page NEW! AUDIO for Fostex AUDIO AUDIO

11/07/12: Exhibition Grade Custom Wood Chambers Fostex TH-900!

A headphone in the class of the TH-900 deserves a truly special pair of cups. In Q1 ‘13, Lawton Audio will introduce a brand new line of custom wood chambers for the TH-900 called our Exhibition Grade series. These natural works of art will be cut from the absolute finest aged wood specimens, for true one-of-a-kind, precision-made, matched sets, with a unique look to call your own. These stunning new chambers will be in an even higher class of beauty and style for Lawton Audio.

Grade Custom Wood Chambers for Fostex TH-900  headphone! AUDIO NEW! Upgrades For Fostex TH-900