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12/14/12: DENON Repair Service. Don’t Despair-- Repair!

Head-bang just a little too hard with your trusty D2000?  Sit on your precious D7000?

Don’t come unhinged-- Lawton Audio has the solution! Repair! We can fix your Denon.

That’s right, in most cases, this seeming calamity can be fixed, even if you lost one or more of the little parts somewhere inside the deep recesses of your shag carpet.

We have all the Denon factory parts to restore your precious phones to whole and complete condition once again.  

What’s more, you can choose to send your phones in to us for expert repair, or you can order the parts as a DIY Kit to perform on your own.

So, if your beloved Denon needs a little hip replacement surgery, there’s an excellent chance we can help.  Contact Us for more information on sending your phones in to Lawton Audio, USA, for repair.

Confident in your skills with tools and want to fix it yourself? All the parts necessary are sold as a set for your install. We will be adding instructions in the coming weeks, but for now, please only order the parts kit if you already know the procedure, thanks.

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D.I.Y. Mod Kit:
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Greetings, due to the number of requests for stock Denon components, we are instating a system where we will be updating this page when we have the various stock parts available for sale. Please check this page before contacting us it will have current status on these items.

We do not frequently have these in stock, and cannot predict with certainty when one will become available. For these reasons we do not have a deposit list on these parts.  Thank you.

Denon Repair Service 

Stock Denon Pads

Worn out your factory stock Denon pads? Get a brand new pair and replace those tired, grungy, smelly old pads!

IN stock!
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Stock Denon AH-5000 Cups

Yes, we’ve noticed everybody wants these!

One pair is up now! NEW: 09/11/13!

These sales will likely be your last chance to get a pair of D5000 stock cups. When we have a new pair to sell, this page will be updated.

Below is a link to the current sale:


PLEASE NOTE: The stock Denon woodies will NOT natively fit a D2000! Only our Custom Wood Chambers will natively fit your D2000. We do not install these cups on the D2000, nor do we provide instructions for doing so.

IN stock!