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New Lawton Audio Angle Pads for Denon!

NEW! Lawton Audio Angle Pads for Denon

Lawton Audio Angle Pads-- Better Fit, Comfort & Sound From Your Denon Headphones

The design of the factory pads that are provided with the Denon phones is not optimized to deliver best sound and performance, merely to allow the user to maintain a slim profile and look “cool” while wearing them. They are also all made from synthetic materials that do not always hold up with long-term use. The factory pads’ lean-ness and lack of stuffing of course makes them very thin, which places the powerful driver very close to the ear. This provides the music no real room to breathe, collapsing the soundstage, and streaming a cacophonous “wall of sound” directly into the ear that can be fatiguing over time with certain music types.  

Re-Position the Drivers for Optimal Sound & Music

Moving the driver away, if only slightly, can have a surprising effect in a headphone, reducing the physical sensations produced by the vibrating driver and sound waves. Because you can no longer “feel” the little drivers working away, this helps you relax and forget you are wearing headphones. The sound snaps into focus with much better separation between formerly competing instrumental lines, increasing overall musical coherence and cohesion. Potential for treble fatigue is greatly reduced.

Angle the Drivers for More Coherent Soundstage & Imaging

To help encourage the brain to blend the separate stereo images we experience with headphones, it also helps to place the drivers at a slight angle in front of the ear canal. This causes the sound to appear to emanate from in front of the listener in a more natural way as it might at a concert or when listening to a pair of speakers. It also tends to close up the usual gap we experience in the middle of the image with most headphones.

By tapering the pads carefully down in the front, we can enhance the angle of the drivers relative to your ear, achieving a more optimal degree of tilt. This helps us perceive a more continuous and coherent soundstage, now with real layering and depth to the image.

Although we pioneered this concept years ago, we formerly merely modified the existing stock pads to achieve the desired effect; now for the first time, Lawton Audio provides our own pair of completely custom made ear pads for the Denon headphones, designed by us from the ground up. Our pads are the result of dozens of prototypes to ensure best sound quality. We think you will agree it was worth the wait. Our Angle Pads are now a standard part of the Level 1 Lawton Audio Tuning for Denon.

Maximum Comfort and Luxury for Hours of Musical Magic

The workmanship on our pads is impressive, incorporating the highest quality genuine lambskin leather for a truly deluxe feel and maximum durability. We spent a lot of time trying out different foam materials so we could arrive at just the right balance between firmness needed to retain their crucial shape and the plush softness we wanted to surround your ears with! We also have a bit more room for bigger ears! Ahhhhhhhhhh!  Early reports back have also commented that the larger ear holes are also providing an even airier and larger soundstage than before.

Because we are obsessed with improving every aspect of these pads, we even sought out a superior mesh fabric material to protect the drivers while also allowing more air (and music) to more easily flow to your ears, for less obstruction, veiling or masking of sound.

In short, we are confident you will find our Angle Pads superior in every way to the stock pads that came with your Denon!

$99 Order here!
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